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RESNA History

The RESNA History Committee is charged with the collection and website display of artifacts relating to the history of assistive technology, especially items relating to RESNA.

RESNA information desired:

  • old RESNA eNews (I have many of these)
  • old printed RESNA News (I don't have any - perhaps the RESNA office has copies that are available in digital form - otherwise printed versions could be scanned)
  • old presentations, posters, slides
  • stories - oral (audio) or print or music
  • conference photos
  • photos of RESNA members

Assistive Technology information desired:

  • photos of old assistive technology
  • facility brochures
  • conference announcements

Please submit any stories, photos, and other content you might have to me, providing as much information as you can about the items.

Dave Jaffe
dljaffe -at-

Photos and Videos

  • Photos and videos from RESNA conferences:

2016 - Crystal City
2015 - Denver - on Facebook
2014 - Indianapolis - on Facebook
2013 - Bellevue
2012 - Baltimore
2011 - Toronto - FICCDAT Festival Photographs
2010 - Las Vegas
2009 - New Orleans - Jodie
2008 - Washington, DC
2007 - Phoenix
Awards Ceremony - Monday, June 18th
Videographer - Motoi Suwa
Part 1: 45:40 - Part 2: 59:18 - Part 3: 7:40
2006 - Atlanta - on Kodak Gallery
2005 - Atlanta
2004 - Orlando
2003 - Atlanta
2002 - Minneapolis
2001 - Reno
2000 - Orlando
1999 - Long Beach
1998 - Minneapolis
1997 - Pittsburgh

Books, Documents, Articles, and Flyers





Simon Margolis

Patricia I. Horner

RESNA Mourns Passing of Its First Executive Director, Patricia I. Horner

Judy Heumann

Disability rights advocate honored

RESNA's Past Presidents

Dudley S. Childress

Don Ross

Material provided by Jan Galvin
Photo of Don (standing) with the Queen of Sweden and Barbara Bush at NRH
(Official White House photograph 10/09/1991 - P25597-07 CP)
small   large

Sam McFarland

Recollections of David Law

Material provided by Jan Galvin:
In Memoriam
NRH Service
Deaths and funerals
We Shall Remember Sam
A Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving
Photo of Sam at NRH - (B-11) - small large
Black and white portrait of Sam - small large
Neuroscience Center Dedicated - 04/07/1986

Member's Biosketches

Mark I. Bresler