Photos of Dudley S. Childress - 12/2010

photo of Nancy & Dudley Childress and Steve Gard photo of Dudley and Steve
photo of Dudley and plaque photo of "The Childress Commons"

The tall man in the first photo is Steve Gard, one of Dudley's PhD students and present director of the lab. All the photos were taken in the conference room of the lab which has been designated "The Childress Commons." Dudley's picture is on the wall in the last photo, on your right hand side. It's the picture that was on the front of "Ward Rounds" several years ago. I chose it because Dudley had such a happy look on his face - he was working!

Nancy Childress - 12/13/2010

The plaque states: In grateful appreciation to Dr. Dudley S. Childress for his faithful service, unwavering dedication, and lifetime contributions to prosthetics and orthotics education and research.