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Photographs of Historic Interest

photo RESNA logo on geadquarters building
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RESNA gets naming rights to its building!!

"Jerry [Weisman] has negotiated a deal on behalf of RESNA for the naming rights to the RESNA Headquarters building. Jerry personally installed the sign this afternoon."

Glenn Hedman

photo of old wheelchair
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"This chair is at the Bethlehem Historical Society. It is the earliest wheelchair I have seen. The chair itself is unremarkable, a dining chair with a commode cutout in the seat. The hand wrought wooden wheels and iron work are very interesting. They did not seem to have much history on the item, but it was along with many items from St. Luke's Hospital."

David C. Savage, ATP/SMS, RET

photo of Dave Jaffe with Denis Anson and Computer Lab sign
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This photograph captures Dave Jaffe, Awards Committee Chair, (left) presenting Denis Anson with a Distinguished Service Award for his efforts and contributions in RESNA’s Computer Tech Lab since 1990 at the FICCDAT Conference in Toronto. The plaque reads Ye Olde RESNA Computer Lab, Denis Anson, Proprietor. The plaque was made by Barry Romich. The photographer has not been identified.

Photo of conference bag from ICRE
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This is the official bag from the International Conference on Rehabilitation Engineering held in Toronto in June 1980. This artifact is the personal property of Mark Bresler.

Photo of 5 sisters in wheelchairs
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Doug Hobson and Elaine Trefler submitted this collection of photographs of wheelchairs, seating systems, communication devices, and rehab engineers. 2.74 Mb pdf file


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