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Sam McFarland

A Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

Sam McFarland Funeral Service

Jan Galvin's father's (Joel L. Aldridge) prayer for Sam at the Austin Memorial Service

God of all Creation
Past, present, yet to be
Whose holy sovereign will,
Unseen incomprehensible, yet always loving
Covers, like the shadow of Your almighty hand,
All we who live, love, laugh, weep, and mourn
This day on earth and sea and sky.

Given minds to ask whither and why,
Hearts that hunger mightily for love,
And power of will to do our best or worse.
We ponder, Lord, the mystery of many things.

Why were we born, as we, and when, and where,
Why others have too much, others little or none:
Why some are gifted, others with talents muted given,
Why many are our wounds along the way,
And how we can bear to face another day?

Still and all, dear Lord, we believe in you,
That whether short or long
Our days be given,
We number them not, nor fully understand.
Yet we stand in awe
Of each Life's gift to the whole,
The sweetnes of the union of the two, made one,
And the strength of Love's circle whole.

O Lord, help us to kneel and give praise
For the beautiful mystery of life,
For all our days together,
Racing, climbing, singing
And in prayer,
Kneeling together.

Thank you, Lord, for all that Sam has given
Top each of us
A quite example of
Courtesy, grace, good manners
Character, Faith, and thoughfulness
And his clear beautuful voice
To sing Your praise,
In the memory of our hearts
Who have loved him so.

May God be Praised.