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Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped

Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Workshop on the Application of Personal Computing to Aid the Handicapped, Laurel, MD, April 2-3, 1980.

Table of Contents


  • Margaret J. Giannini - National Institute of Handicap Research

Session I: Needs


  • Thomas Austin - Foundation of Science for the Handicapped
  • Summary of Congressional Workshop Entitled: "Application of Technology to Handicapped Individuals: Progress & Issues"
  • Marvin Kornbluh - Library of Congress
  • Human Engineering for the Physically Handicapped
  • Edward L. Glaser - Ampex Corporation

Session II: Technology


  • Donald McNeal - National Science Foundation
  • Woodrow Seamone - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Applications to an Artificial Pancreas
  • Robert Fischell - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Personal Computers and Communications for the Deaf
  • Paul L. Rinaldo and Robert E. Bruninga - Amateur Radio Research & Development Corporation
  • Technology Aids for the Blind
  • Jeffrey J. Moyer - Telesensory Systems, Inc.
  • A Microprocessor Controlled Robotic Arm Allows Self Feeding for a Quadriplegic
  • Wolfger Schneider and Woodrow Seamone - The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Gerhard Schmeisser - The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Session III: Communications / Education


  • Harry Hedges - Michigan State University
  • James Aylor - University of Virginia
  • Rehabilitation Aids for the Training of the Physically Handicapped
  • James R. O'Reagan - University of Virginia
  • Bringing the Computer Closer to the Handicapped User
  • Everett L. Johnson - Wichita State University
  • Communication Prosthetic Devices That Learn and Teach
  • Morteza A. Rahimi - Michigan State University
  • Devices for the Disabled: Personal, Portable and Affordable
  • Andrew Thomas - Tufts New England Medical Center
  • Experiences with Microprocessor Based Aids for Disabled People
  • Dudley Childress, James Doubler, and Craig Heckathorne - Northwestern University

Session IV: Career Paths


  • James Campbell - IBM Corporation
  • Martha Redden - American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • The Johnstown Experience - An Adventure in Awareness Training
  • Donald Gallion - Pennsylvania Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Recruiting the Handicapped
  • Carol Dunlap - Electronic Industries Foundation
  • The ARPDP Program for Training and Hiring the Severely Physically Handicapped as Computer Programmers
  • Cruz Wathen - Liberty National Life Insurance Company
  • Microcomputer Aids for Individuals with Severe or Multiple Handicaps - Barriers & Approaches
  • Gregg Vanderheiden - University of Wisconsin
  • Disabled Persons in Careers in Science, Role Models
  • Martha Redden - American Association for the Advancement of Science

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