Rehabilitation Engineers and Technologists
Professional Specialty Group

The RE&T-PSG represents engineers and technologists within RESNA. Rehabilitation Engineers and technologists provide clinical services and participate in the research and development of assistive technology. PSG activities address the requirements, qualifications, and education required to practice rehabilitation engineering.

Our mission is to define, support, and promote the roles of rehabilitation engineers and technologists in research and development, education, manufacturing, and service delivery.

We have diverse titles, and we work in diverse environments: research and development, education, manufacturing, and service delivery.

  • Define the roles and publish competencies of the rehabilitation technologist and the rehabilitation engineer
  • Develop a marketing plan to promote the rehabilitation technologist and rehabilitation engineer
  • Establish an up-to-date database
  • Expand professional development based on membership requests
  • Expand continuing education opportunities
  • Expand mentoring opportunities
    • Formalize an outreach program for engineering students
    • Develop a presentation that can be delivered by RE&T-PSG members to university and high school groups to promote the field of rehabilitation engineering
    • Update the resource list of university education courses and programs
    • Promote disability awareness
    • Define the mentoring needs of professionals wanting to be PEs
  • Determine manufacturing, research, and development needs of the group
    • Define what the RE&T-PSG can to do to support these efforts
    • Develop a forum to access to current assistive technology research in collaboration with the RERCs

Chair and Vice-Chair
Patricia Bahr, MSE, ATP, RET
Supervisor Outreach Services
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Mobile Outreach Clinic
200 University Ave. East
St. Paul, MN  55101
651/628-4484 fax
800/578-4266 (toll-free)
Steven Dahling, ATS
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
Occupational Therapy Department
400 E. 34th St., IRM 310
New York, NY  10016
212/263-5920 fax

RESNA Annual Conferences

What / who is a Rehab Engineer / Rehab Engineering?

Photos needed - 06/09/2008

07/03/2007 - Yahoo RE-PSG Group Archive

04/02/2007 - Jerry Weisman has assembled a set of fundamental engineering review questions and problems that many have found useful in reviewing for the RET exam. The questions are in the area of fundamental engineering skills (including topics such as statics, dynamics, circuits, electrical theory, material mechanics) as well as common engineering fabrication techniques. If you are interested in obtaining these materials contact the Jerry at: jweisman -at-

06/12/2006 - 2006 Conference RE&T PSG Meeting
Draft Agenda

02/27/2006 - Assistance Needed on RET Practice Exam

11/15/2005 - Solicitation for Nominations for RE&T-PSG Vice Chair

06/10/2005 - Proposal to Change the Name of the PSG

11/03/2004 - State of Georgia Position Descriptions  (PDF)

The Georgia Assistive Work Technology Services program, part of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation and the Georgia Department of Labor, has the most extensive technology-related service delivery of any state VR agency in the country. The AWT service delivery program is built around four main staff positions: Rehabilitation Engineer, Occupational Therapist; Rehabilitation Technologist; and Rehabilitation Technician. The following position descriptions outline basic duties and responsibilities.
Rehab Engineer
Occupational Therapist
Rehab Technologist
Rehab Technician
For specific questions you may contact Joy Kniskern at

06/21/2004 - Business Meeting Minutes from RESNA 2004

Here are the minutes from the RE-PSG meeting at RESNA 2004 in Orlando. As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to get involved in moving our profession forward. Please take the time to read the minutes and to get involved.

Thanks - Kevin

02/11/2004 - RET Exam Review Course at RESNA 2004

Salary Survey 2003

10/17/2003 - Results
05/09/2003 - Announcement

07/01/2002 - Business Meeting Minutes from RESNA 2002

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07/05/2002 - 2002 Survey of Rehabilitation Engineer’s Role in Assistive Technology Interventions

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