Proposal to Change the Name of the PSG

June 10, 2005

Hello all -

Over the past few months, a group of RE-PSG members have been discussing a proposal to change the name of the PSG.

Paul Schwartz led the discussion and the members of this group included:

Jerry Weisman
Doug Hobson
Bill Armstrong
Dave Law
Matthew Scholtens
Craig Wadsworth
Andy Lin
Ray Grott
Maureen Linden

Motion: The recommendation of this group is to change the name of the RE-PSG from Rehabilitation Engineers to Rehabilitation Engineers and Technologists.

Rationale: The name of the PSG needs to recognize the work of all its members who provide custom or integrated devices, whose background may not include a formal engineering degree (e.g., Industrial Design, Human Factors).

Discussion: The RE-PSG is comprised of members who have the common work of providing custom-fabricated devices and providing systems comprised of components from different manufacturers. Issues facing these members include professional recognition, payment for services, and continuing education. A volunteer group discussed the issue during the year, and considered other options including the start-up of another PSG for Rehabilitation Technologists. Ultimately, it was felt that the name change would enable all members to be recognized, and that work on issues which face the entire group could proceed.

Please feel free to discuss this on the list. If there are no major objections or modifications, I've asked Dave Jaffe to moderate an up/down vote. The vote would be open starting next Friday, June 18th, closing at 5 pm Eastern time on Wednesday, June 22nd.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration and thanks for Paul and his team for bringing a proposal before us.

Kevin Caves

Final Vote:
30 support of the motion
2 do not support the motion


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