Minutes from the RE-PSG Meeting
RESNA 2002
July 1, 2002

Greg McGrew, Chair of the RE-PSG, welcomed all and reported that the RET exam is now available and that 3 individuals had taken and passed the exam. Eleven more were registered to take the exam after the RESNA conference. The RET exam is based on an extensive cataloging of skills and knowledge put together as an initial step in developing the exam. The exam represents the only existing certification for our discipline. We will also be assisting the PSB with marketing and educational efforts to leverage inroads to service opportunities and will be looking for volunteers to help with this effort.

Greg also noted that with the certification exam in place we have the opportunity to focus on a long list of issues critical to the survival, health, and growth of rehabilitation engineering service delivery.

Greg reported briefly on an ongoing issue with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission regarding a policy on service provider qualifications. It is an opportunity for RESNA as an organization to promote RE and AT services. Details can be found on through the listserve. The issue has been brought to the attention of the RESNA board and the board will coordinate a response with our input.

Dr. Frances Harris spoke briefly about outcomes research and its increasing importance to the field of Assistive Technology. She also introduced and distributed a survey designed to better circumscribe the unique features of rehabilitation engineering within the field. It is hoped that this information will contribute to the development of more consistent measurement standards and effective research instruments for future AT outcomes studies.

Glenn Hedman spoke briefly about the recent activity surrounding CPT service codes submittal to AMA. He and Jeanie Minkel will be presenting a draft of two service delivery codes that should be able to be used by rehab engineers to bill for AT and RE services.

Kevin Caves, the incoming PSG chair, spoke about future plans for the PSG and discussed four proposed areas for the PSG to focus on. They are:

Information and Communications
Goal: develop mechanisms to help us get to the word out about RE and facilitate communication within the PSG.
Training and Education
Goal: ensure that there is education and training content at the annual conference for RE-PSG members.
Definition of RE/Documenting the Field
Goal: develop and refine materials that can be used to help us define who we are, what we do and what we do not do.
Promotion of the Profession
Goal: develop, establish and implement a program of promoting Rehabilitation Engineering as a critical part of effective rehabilitation services and research.

A more complete description will follow the meeting. If you have interest in working in one or more areas, please contact Kevin at kevin.caves@duke.edu.

Glenn Hedman asked for recognition for the great job Greg McGrew has done as chair of the RE-PSG over the past 2 years.

Adjourned about 8:45 am…

Submitted by Kevin Caves, July 17, 2002


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