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RESNA at Stanford is a collection of individual websites created and maintained by Dave Jaffe starting from about 1995. Some are no longer updated and as such exist only as historic archives.

RESNA Awards - This website is a record of RESNA awardees. There is also information about the Student Scientific Paper Competition, the Student Design Competition, and the International Appropriate Technology Design Competition (2008).

Hall of Fellows - This website highlights RESNA Fellows' achievements and significant contributions to the field of assistive technology and to the RESNA organization for future generations of RESNA members and the general public.

RESNA Award Nomination Instructions and Criteria - This webpage provides up-to-date information, instructions, and procedures for submitting a RESNA award nomination.

RE&T - PSG - This website is the historic archive of the Rehabilitation Engineers and Technologists Professional Specialty Group.

SIG-11 Computer Applications - This website is the historic archive for the Special Interest Group on Computer Applications.

RESNA History - This website is a growing respository for digital artifacts (conference photographs, reflections, and other documents) related to the history of assistive technology, especially items relating to RESNA.

RESNA Conference Content Capture Project - This was a trial effort to record and disseminate text, audio, photographic, and video information from the 2007 - 2010 RESNA Annual Conferences. The goal was to capture and make available content that was not included in the Conference Proceedings including scientific poster and platform sessions, keynote and plenary presentations, workshops and Show-and-Tell sessions, and SIG and PSG meetings.

Top Ten Rehab Technologies - This webpage captures Denis Anson's reply to an email on the RESNA listserv asking about the most important assistive technologies.