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Who are we?

SIG-11 is a diverse group of approximately 250 RESNA members with varied backgrounds and jobs who share a common interest in using computer-based technology to help individuals of all ages and disabilities.

What do we do?

SIG-11 members are rehabilitation professionals involved in:

Research: designing, developing, evaluating, and commercializing new assistive technology prototypes and/or methods;

Service Delivery: assessing individuals' skills, recommending computer access products to meet their needs, integrating and customizing software, training, installation, and setup of appropriate technology solutions; and

Industry: selling and marketing computer access products.

What are our backgrounds?

SIG-11 members are: rehabilitation engineers, human factors engineers, assistive technologists, rehabilitation physicians and other health-care providers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, educators, suppliers and manufacturers, as well as consumers with disabilities.

What computer applications are we involved with?

Alternative software and hardware solutions for accessing computers, computer-based devices (PDAs, Kiosks, WebTV, smart appliances, etc), and the Internet. Examples of access methods other than the standard display, speaker, keyboard and mouse include: switches, Morse Code, expanded and mini keyboards, touch windows, joysticks, trackballs, speech recognition, head position, eye-gaze, and text-to-speech output..

Computer applications in other assistive technology areas including: software to improve an individual's speech and hearing perception, screen readers and character enlargement software to accommodate low vision and blindness, optical character recognition and text-to-speech technology to help children and students with learning disabilities, user interface development, augmentative and alternative communication solutions, environmental control, virtual reality applications, hardware and software to assist individuals with learning and cognitive disabilities, gait analysis software, and education and training programs.

What is our mission?

To facilitate education and information sharing between RESNA members and other professional organizations who have an interest in computer applications to benefit people with disabilities.

What's new?

Check out what's new or important - announcements from the SIG Chair, deadlines, and news.

What other assistive technology conferences, workshops, or webinars are upcoming?

A listing of conferecences, workshops, and webinars.

What's scheduled for the RESNA 2010 Conference?

Find out what SIG-11 activities are being planned.

What happened at past RESNA conferences?

Find out what SIG-11 activities were scheduled, what was on the SIG-11 Business Meeting agenda, and view some digital photographs.

How can SIG-11 members contribute?

Discover how to become a part of the SIG-11 Membership Resource database, join a working group on Computer Access Assessment, contribute to this website, write an article for a RESNA publication, or volunteer to help out at a RESNA annual conference.

What resources can SIG-11 members use?

Meet the SIG-11 officers and members, learn how to subscribe to the RESNA Listserv, review interesting rehabilitation information, download software, and browse lists of Internet resources.

Where are some disability related websites?

Surf this growing list of rehabilitation and disability-related websites.

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SIG-11 Officers


Jamie Arasz Prioli, BSc, ATP


Mark Irwin Bresler, MBME, PE, ATP
Woods Services
P.O. Box 36
Langhorne, PA  19047-0036


David L. Jaffe, MS
Stanford University
Terman Engineering Center
380 Panama Mall, Room 567
Stanford, CA  94305-4021
650/723-3521 fax