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SIG-11 Members' Favorite Websites - 2005

Jamie Prioli, ATP

Access Technologies - a nonprofit organization specializing in ergonomic assessments, assistive technology, and technology training services

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program - provides assistive technology as a form of reasonable accommodation to enable a qualified person with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job

Keybowl - home of orbiTouch Wireless Keyboard, specializes in the research, production, distribution, and licensing of advanced text input systems

Magi-Tech - home of Magi-Mouse, a wireless alternative input device that replaces a standard 2-button mouse for computer cursor control or as a pointer to navigate AAC boards

New Jersey Protection and Advocacy - consumer-directed, non-profit organization that serves as New Jersey's designated protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities in the state

Tech Connections - information on Assistive Technology (AT) designed to accommodate people with disabilities in the workplace and in everyday life activities - Acessibility Resources - links to information on Web accessibility, and resources for building sites that are accessible to all users regardless of disability

Dave Jaffe

Ability Hub - Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. This web site will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers.

AI Topics - a dynamic library of introductory information about Artificial Intelligence - Assistive Technology

Artificial Language Laboratory - interdisciplinary research and teaching center established within the Department of Audiology and Speech Sciences at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Brain Injury Research Center (BIRC) of the Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) - established in 1987 to study the long-term neurobehavioral and functional sequelae of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in persons who received rehabilitation services at TIRR

Colligo - provides content, access and comprehension for those with print disabilities low vision, dyslexia, and literacy challenges

Disability History Museum - promotes understanding about the historical experience of people with disabilities by recovering, chronicling, and interpreting their stories

Eyes on Elders - interest in technology and the ability to use that technology to improve the quality of life for those who need care and for those families/friends who care for them

Falcon - provides innovation and integration in patient seating and positioning

Medical Automation Research Center - video of rehab presentations

MSCIS Dissemination Center - an NIDRR award to TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research) in Houston in collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia

Nurion-Raycal - developer and manufacturer of specialized Guiding Devices for the blind, deaf-blind and the visually impaired

RERC on Accessible Medical Instrumentation - addresses the critical need for new medical instrumentation technologies that are universally accessible to all people

RERC on Universal Design and the Built Environment - purpose is to improve the accessibility and usability of the built environment, and advance the field of universal design Bad link

Research Group on Rehabilitation Technology (fortec) - established in 1986 to intensify and consolidate efforts related to research and development of new technical solutions for disabled and elderly persons

SAJE - voice-activated technology to control living environment

Tech Connections - resource for information on Assistive Technology (AT) designed to accommodate people with disabilities in the workplace and in everyday life activities

VocSolutions - provides ergonomic workplace solutions for Silicon Valley. The professional staff at VocSolutions perform ergonomics and voice recognition services for high tech companies all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yahoo Disabilities and the Disabled News

Lee Kirby

Wheelchair Skills Program at Dalhouse University - wheelchair-related publications

Heather R. Koren, ATP

Cornucopia of Disability Information (CODI) - a ton of links to resources on the web on various topics

InfoGrip - website with a large variety of great AT products

Washington Assistive Technology Alliance (WATA) - publications, resources, exchange site, funding information, and more

Barry Romich

AAC Institute - a not-for-profit charitable organization offering free and low cost resources to support evidence-based practice and achieving the most effective communication for people who use AAC

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) - professional organization of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and audiologists. SLPs are the primary service providers for people who rely on AAC and are generally the best resource on an AAC team for addressing language issues. ASHA has a Special Interest Division, SID-12, that addresses AAC.

ATOMS - explores, pilots, and tests assistive technology (AT) outcome measurement ideas in order to recommend the next generation outcome system for AT

AT Outcomes - listserv and this website are dedicated to the development, evaluation, and application of valid, reliable, and sensitive outcome measure tools Bad link

Communication Aid Manufacturers Association (CAMA) - a not-for-profit organization of the world's leading manufacturers of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) software and hardware products. CAMA conducts more than 30, 1-day workshops throughout the United States each year.

Family Center on Technology and Disability - a resource designed to support organizations and programs that work with families of children and youth with disabilities. We offer a range of information and services on the subject of assistive technologies including: monthly newsletters, online discussions with national experts, a searchable database of more that 1400 disability organizations nationwide and a resource review database with summaries of more that 500 AT reference materials.

International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) - Membership is open to anyone interested in AAC. ISAAC activities include a biennial conference and sponsorship of AAC Journal. Many ISAAC national chapters address more local interests.

Joel Turmo

80/20 - provides modular framing systems that can adjust to fit any industry and application, provides a secure and OSHA approved guard, display, workstation, etc

AbleNet - practical products and creative solutions for teaching children with disabilities

Access Board - an independent Federal agency devoted to accessibility for people with disabilities

Adaptivation - designs, manufactures and distributes assistive technology to persons with disabilities

Aftermarket Group - products include wheelchair parts, power chair parts, respiratory, rehab seating products, electronic repair and rebuild services Bad link

Alimed - medical and ergonomic products such as pre-formed orthoses, alarms for fall management, cushions, diagnostic imaging and operating room accessories, orthopedic rehabilitation equipment, and ergonomic workplace solutions

American Cord and Webbing - distribute a line of high performance plastic and metal fasteners, hook and loop, as well as elastic and non-elastic narrow textile webbing and cord

American Science & Surplus - offers a mix of industrial, military and educational items, with an emphasis on science and education

Anthro - makes furniture for computers or computer-based equipment

Attainment Company - produces materials and products for people with disabilities

Crestwood Communication Aids- communication aids for children and adults

Curbell - distributor of industrial plastics and pillow speakers, nurse call products, patient monitoring products, healthcare bed products, fall management systems, and hospital room television controls

Cyberguys - supplier of computer products

Daedalus Technologies - provides a system for mounting communication devices and laptop computers on wheelchairs

Dell - sells PC desktop and laptop computers and computer accessories by mail order

DigiKey - mailorder house for electronic components

Don Johnston - provides learning intervention resources

Enable Mart - markets, promotes, and distributes innovative technology-based products and services that promote independence, enhance productivity, and change the lives of individuals with disabilities

Enabling Devices - assistive and learning devices for the physically challenged focusing on the needs of children with disabilities and the adult disabled population

Feiner Supply - distributor of velcro hook and loop fasteners

Fentek Industries - source of custom, standard, programmable, wireless, and ergonomic computer keyboards, computer keys, specialized keys and keysets, custom printed keytops, keycaps, keyboard templates, keytop and keyfront overlay labels, membrane graphics, large print and assistive keyboards, language keytop overlays and International language keyboards, keyboard accessories, keyboard protectors, and custom keyboard modifications

Global Industrial - sells industrial supplies, storage equipment, packaging, furniture, pallet trucks, computer cabinets, wire shelving, chairs, hand trucks, and stock carts

Harbor Freight - tool and equipment catalog retailer

Grainger - supplier of facilities maintenance products serving businesses and institutions

Gus Communications - developer of assistive technology for ALS, stroke, MS, head injury, cancer, aphasia, etc

Hello Direct - developer and direct marketer of desktop telephony products

Home Controls - distributor of residential automation and structured wire products

Independent Living Aids - carries low vision aids that help the visually impaired, specially adapted low vision aids, tools and technology, blind and visually impaired products including canes, magnifiers, talking watches, talking clocks, large print books, ZoomText magnification software, Braille products, talking cooking gadgets

Info Grip - develops and markets products that provide people with a healthier and more productive way to interact with computers, specialize in assistive technology and ergonomic products and training

IntelliTools - learning solutions for the diverse classroom including educational software and assistive technology

Invacare - home medical products

K & M Manufacturing - tractor seats and accessories

Keyboard Alternatives - products include magnification devices, screen magnification software and reading machines for the visually impaired and blind in addition to ergonomic products for the workplace, such as keyboards, mice, keyboard trays, and adjustable furniture

Lab Safety Supply - supplier of facilities maintenance products

LS&S - serves the needs of the visually impaired and hard of hearing

MacMall and PCMall - sells PC and Mac products

Maddak - Ableware independent living products

Madentec - supplier of assistive technology for people with physical disabilities, products include solutions for accessing and controlling a computer or communication device hands-free as well as an alternate keyboard or scanning access, products are suited for people with severe physical disabilities, including: quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and muscular dystrophy

Mayer-Johnson - mail order company focusing on augmentative communication products

MaxiAids - independent living products for blindness, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, seniors

McMaster-Carr - 420,000 industrial mechanical parts and supplies

Modular Hose - provides commercial and industrial products

MSC Direct - direct marketers of industrial supplies and equipment

Newark - distributor of electronic components

North Coast Medical - specializing in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of rehabilitation products, specifically items utilized in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and hand therapy

Northern Tool and Equipment- industrial tools and equipment

Office Depot - office products

Office Organix - ergonomic products for the workplace or home

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products - provides orthopedic, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and fitness products

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics - carries everything to create outdoor gear

PC Warehouse - computer and computer products

Pres Air Trol - manufactures a variety of shockproof, waterproof and explosion proof switches and foot switches; pressure and vacuum sensors, and electric foot switches

Radio Shack - consumer electronics specialty retailer and a provider of business-to-business retail support services

RJ Cooper - software and hardware for persons with special needs

Rolli-moden - clothing and accessories for wheelchair users

Sammons Preston - professional rehab equipment & supplies, distributor of rehabilitation, assistive patient and splinting products to the physical and occupational therapy markets

Skymall - catalog company

Smith & Nephew - develops and markets advanced medical devices

Solutions for Humans - source of solutions, consulting, training, evaluation and implementation of solutions for individuals and organizations addressing sight loss, physical impairment, ergonomic issues, communication and hearing disorders

Synapse Adaptive - provides integrated turn-key access solutions that empower individuals with disabilities, helps employers meet their accommodation requirements in their work, speech recognition workstation, designs and engineers solutions for business, government, special needs labs, rehabilitation facilities and libraries, provides on-site and-user training, and provides assistive technology training for staff

Tash - products for individuals with disabilities

Greg McGrew, ATP, RET

Herbach & Rademan - cheap electromechanical hardware

DJ's Rehab-related Links - 2002




Access World Design & Development - tools for small businesses

Access & Productivity Tools

Accessible Arts

Accessible Webpage Design: Resources

Accessibility Services, Inc.

ACM Links to Accessibility Resources

ADA Info Center

Adaptech Project

Adaptive Living

Adaptech Project of Canada


Adaptive Switch Laboratories

Adaptive Technology Resource Centre

Adobe Acrobat Access

Adynware Corp.


Alfalab Research Inc.

All disABILITY Links

Alliance for Technology Access

Aloha Special Technology Access Center

American Foundation for the Blind

Ameriphone Assistive Devices

Anthropometry for People with Disabilities

APT Technology Inc.

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

Artificial Larynx Devices


Assistive Devices Industry Office

Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication Web Sites

Assistive Technology Bibliography

Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii

Associated Rehabilitation Consultants

ATRC Assistive Technology Outcomes

At Your Own Speed - Internet Radio Program


Augmentative and alternative communication centers

Aurora Systems Inc.



Bloorview MacMillan Centre Research

Bloorview MacMillan Centre


The Brain Injury Information Network

Brain Train

Bungalow Software

Brytech Inc.


California Governor's Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons

California Department of Rehabilitation

Center for Accessible Technology

Center for Independent Living - Project Interlink

Center for Rehabilitation Technology

The Center for Universal Design

Central Coast Assistive Technology Center

Computer Users Network News


Code Quick


Computer Access Selector

Computer Vision Face Tracking For Use in a Perceptual User Interface

Computing Out Loud

Creative Solutions for People with Disabilities


Denis' Page

Disability History Museum

Disability Resources, Inc.

Disability Statistics Center

Disability Times

Disabilities Links


Disabled to Gain Net Access

Discover Technology

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Unofficial Information Pages



EconoNet Simply Talker 98/2000

Equal Accesss to Software and Information

Elan - Text to Speech


Enabling Devices

Enkidu Research

ErgoQuest Inc.

John Bryson Eulenberg, Ph.D.


Falcon Rehabilitation Products, Inc

Ferrati Electronic Orthosis

Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure


Freedom Rider

Futura Wave Communications


Gentleman Door Operator

Georgia Tech - Center for Rehabilitation Technology

Global Power Systems

Guide To Head Injury Facts & Expertise



Handicap FTP Site

Health and Disability-related Mailing Lists



IN CUBE - continuous realtime speech recognition system

Include - User Centred Design Methodology and Tools

Inclusive Technologies

Independent Living Aids

Innovative Human Services, Inc.

Infinitec Inc.


Infogrip, Inc.


Innovation Management Group, Inc.

Innoventions, Inc.

Instant Text

Integrated Network of Disability Information & Education



Job Accommodation Network

Java Accessibility

June Isaacson Kailes, Disability Policy Consultant

John Williams' Assistive Technology column


Karta - Rehabilitation Engineering & Disability Products

KNC Software

KY Enterprises


Lautzenheiser Head Control

Lautzenhiser Drive Control

LD Online

LD Resources

Let's Play Project

LifeSense, LLC

Links2Go People with Disabilities

Linux Access HOWTO



Making Speech Easier for People on Ventilators

MATP Assistive Technology and Disability-Related Web Sites

Medical Rehabilitation Research Networks Keywords - NIH

The Medical Systems & Rehabilitation Technical Group of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society

Meshing Technology - Linda Petty


Microflip, Inc.

Minomech Enterprises

MossRehab Resource Net Listservs



National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials

National Rehabilitation Information Center


National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)

NC Assistive Technology Program

Neil Squire Foundation

newAbilities Systems, Inc.

New Mobility's Interactive Cafe

NIDRR - Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services


Occupational Therapy Internet World

Opera Software - Sources of Information for Users with Disabilities

Ontario Rehabilitation Technology Consortium

OT Ideas, Inc.

Outlook Disability Web


PC Magni-Viewer Magnifier

Peachtree Head Control Systems

Philips Free Speech

Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library

People with Disabilities in the Federal Government

Personal Captioner

President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

Project ACCESS

Projects of TEJIMA Lab - Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory

Psych Central - Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page



Rehab and Therapy Online Mall

Rehab Management - The Interdisciplinary Journal of Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation Recruitment Center

Rehabilitation Technologies, a Division of Applied Resources Corp



Research Institute for Assistive and Training Technologies


Roessingh Research and Development

Rural Institute



Sensory Software

Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Services

SIVA - Assistive Technology Information and Research Service


Special Needs Opportunity Windows

Speech Recognition Technology Discussion List

Spinal Cord Injury Peer Information Library on Technology

Spinal Injuries Center - Japan

Spinalcord Injury Information Network

Sun Microsystems' Accessibility Program


Special Needs Project

The Staffcentrix - Virtual Service Providers with Disabilities

STS News

Susi's Most Excellent Assistive Technology Links


Tech Connections

Technology Integration

The World Wide Web Virtual Library

Therafin Corp.


Tools & Gadgets for Independent Living

Tools for Web Page Authors - Web Content Accessibility (WCA)


Trace - Designing More Usable Computers and Software



University Affiliated Center for Developmental Disabilities

Untangling the Web


Virtual Assistive Technology Center


Voice Recognition Specialists

Voice Recognition Support

Volunteers for Medical Engineering


W3C - List of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Washington Assistive Technology Alliance

Web Server for the Physically & INtellectually Disabled



Windows Shareware and Freeware for People with Disabilities

WISP 2000

Word Prediction - Choosing a Program

Workshop Solutions

Wright State University - Disability Resources


Yahoo - Home > Society and Culture > Disabilities

Portals, Magazines, and Radio - 2002

Where are some disability related websites?

RESNA '95 Proceedings by Gopher
Software Toolkits (Freeware/Shareware, etc.)

Apple - People with Special Needs
Assistive Technology Policy Resources from RESNA
AT Exchange List
DO-IT (University of Washington)
IBM - Special Needs Solutions
Microsoft Accessibility & Disabilities
RESNA - Online Assistive Technology Resources
Special Education Websites
Websites associated with EU TIDE projects
Websites for AT Providers & Practitioners
Websites for software and alternative input
Yahoo's Disability Page

SIG-11 Members' Websites

Mary Ellen Buning's Bookmarks
DJ's Rehab Bookmarks

Anti-Virus Software
Top Ten Internet Utilities
Top Ten Web Clip Art Samples

Requested links

ENAbler for computer-Based vocational tasks with Language and speech

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