RESNA 2002 Photos

Dave Jaffe - Roll 2

Alexandra Enders and unidentified conference attendee The next generation of RESNA An unidentified developer gives a brief presentation at the Developers Forum in the Computer Tech Lab Jim Lenker and Mark Novak
John Goldthwaite Karen Milchus Unidentified laptop software product Denis Anson
Peggy Barker and Simon Levine Ray Grott Bruce Baker Bruce Fleming
??? and Gregg Vanderheiden Peter Axelson makes a phone call Bill Peterson Al Cook and Jean Minkel
Simon Levine, Dave Jaffe, and Jerry Weisman Meeting hosted by Simon Margolis Rich Simpson's Smart Wheelchair Component System at the Rehabilitation Robotics Demonstration The Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton
The MIME System Mike Rosen and Simon Levine at the Rehabilitation Robotics Demonstration Robot ic Walker

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