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Comments about the RESNA SIG-11 Distribution List

I just want to thank you for researching and creating this valuable resource. At times I am overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at me … I often flag your emails for later … But I am always so much better off after I read them! - at the right time when I have time to digest the awesome info! I just thought you would like to hear the appreciation we all have for your borage of awesome research based AT info!

Thanks for sending out your emails. Very informative and useful!

Thank you for all your hard work through the years!

I want to say how grateful I am for this list. It's always been there, obviously a labor of love on your part, and loaded with useful and interesting information. It's never been too much, and so perceptively curated that there's been at least one item in each mailing that hit the sweet spot. I hope you recognize the accumulated value of the thousands of items multiplied by the readership -- perhaps a million instances of 'Wow!' or 'Just what I was wondering about!'.

Thank you so much for sending this email out! It really is a great resource.

Luv this resource!! Keep 'em comin', Dave

I am so appreciative of the information, your time, and your effort!

You are providing a wonderful service.

Thanks for your long time diligence and work to post.

Your daily emails are a great resource for which I'm appreciative. Thanks for all your time and effort to educate the masses.

I just wanted to let you know that while I always look forward to your posts and regularly get something useful and interesting from them. You really rocked it this time! It is like you were reading my to do list for the week. Without knowing it existed, this is exactly was I was going to be looking for today. Just had to say thanks for all you do.

I don't know how often you hear this, but thank you for your devotion to spreading current news about assistive technology! I really appreciate the effort that goes into doing this nearly every day.

Thanks for all you do and the information you expose us to.

Thank you very much for taking on the distribution list, it is a valuable resource which I look forward to.

Thank you very much for offering access to a collection of interesting research reading.

I'm already on your list, but wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your posts. They are so informative, well-selected, and well formatted for readability! I share many of them farther within the MIT community and they are appreciated by many here.

Just wanted to let you know I've been a subscriber to this particular list for several years and I always look forward to your emails! Some I delete, but most I save, and I truly appreciate the work you clearly put into making each email short, sweet, and to the point it's like no other emails I get on any other lists, and I thought you should know :)

I have been following your distribution list since I joined RESNA many years ago. It keeps me excited about what I do and gives me information to share with others. I appreciate how difficult it can be to collect this information and stay on top of it from week to week but I want you to know how much your efforts have stimulated my own creativity ultimately benefitting those I serve. Many thanks. Keep me on the list!!