RESNA 2002 Photos

Ramon Castillo - Roll 4

Student Design winner announcements Glenn Hedman starts the Awards ceremony Student Design Competion awardees Ray Grott awaits his award
Ray Grott accepts his award Ray says a few words Rory Cooper accepts his award Rory says a few words
Getting an award Getting an award Conference chairs at Award Ceremony Barrier Abatement Team appears
The Barrier Abatement Team rolls in Barrier Abatement Team in blacklight Barrier Abatement Team gets into position Passing of the Hat to Jean Minkel
Ray Grott hands in his form at the SIG-11 Business Meeting Sharon Ferrell presides over the SIG-11 Business Meeting Filling out forms at the SIG-11 Business Meeting Dave Jaffe gets an award in the SIG-11 Business Meeting

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