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Student Scientific Paper Competition Awards

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2013 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Honorable Mention Papers:
  • Eric Sinagra
    Human Engineering Research Lab
    Development of a Sidewalk Roughness Measurement Tool
  • Michelle Hoogwout
    Beneficial Designs
    Repeatibility of a Procedure for Measuring Color Contrast on Products, Including Fitness Equipment
  • Chung-Ying Tsai
    Human Engineering Research Lab
    The Effects of Wheelchair Orientation on Upper Limb Biomechanics for a Commode Transfer
  • Shivayogi Hiremath, Matthew Hannan
    University of Pittsburgh
    Christopher Okonkwo
    Norfolk State University
    Validation of a Gyroscope Based Wheel Rotation Monitor for Manual Wheelchair Users
  • Elham Dolatabadi
    University of Toronto
    Bahak Taati
    Toronto Rehab
    A Markerless Motion Tracking Approach to Understand Changes in Gait and Balance: A Case Study
  • Nathan Hogahoom
    University of Pittsburgh
    Brad Fullerton
    Texas Prolotherapy Austin
    Laura Rice
    University of Illinois
    Michelle Oyster
    HERL-VA Pittsburgh Healthcare
    Ultrasound Changes, Pain, and Pathology in Shoulder Tendons after Repeated Wheelchair Transfers
  • Yu-Kuang WLI, Hsin-Yi Liu
    Human Engineering Research Lab
    Josh Brown, Annmarie Kelleher, Hongwu Wang
    University of Pittsburgh
    A Smartphone Application for Improving Powered Seat Functions Usage: A Preliminary Test
  • Karen Meess
    University of Rochester
    Chung-Ying Tsai
    Human Engineering Research Lab
    Trunk Movement in Different Seated Pivot Wheelchair Transfer Techniques

2012 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Honorable Mention Papers:
  • Iris M.-K. Hsu, Chandrasekaran Jayaraman, Shawna Culp, Ian M. Rice, Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler, Jacob J. Sosnoff
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Variability and Complexity of Shoulder Motion during Wheelchair Propulsion
  • Hervens Jeannis, Bambi Brewer, Emily Eckel
    University of Pittsburgh
    Preliminary Investigation of an Instrumented Glove for In-Home Hand Therapy
  • Hyun Ka
    University at Pittsburgh
    Effectiveness of Morse code as an Alternative Control Method for Powered Wheelchair Navigation
  • Chung-Ying Tsai, MS; Padmaja Kankipati, MS; Claire Hoelmer; Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, RET
    University of Pittsburgh
    The Feet Free Moment and Ground Reaction Force in Wheelchair Transfer: A Pilot Study
Winning Papers:
  • Lori Berends, OTS; Yun Chung, OTS; Lorraine Beebe, OTS; Marissa Hardcastle, OTS
    Misercordia University
    ScreenDoors 2000 Versus Windows 7's Built-in On-Screen Keybaord: Speed and Accuracy
  • Genevieve M. Jerome, BE; Alicia M. Koontz, PhD, RET; Maria L. Toro, MS; Rory A. Cooper, PhD
    University of Pittsburgh
    The Impact of Transfer Setup on Hand Positioning during Independent Transfers
  • Yen-Sheng Lin, MS; Alicia Koontz, PhD, RET, Lynn Worobey, BS; Michael Boninger, MD
    University of Pittsburgh
    Effect of Muscle Fatiguing Tasks on SUBacromial Space in Manual Wheelchair Users
  • Lynn Worobey, BS; Michelle Oyster, MS; Jon Pearlman, PhD; Maria Toro Hernandez, MS; Michael L. Boninger, MD
    University of Pittsburgh
    Increases in Wheelchair Repairs, Breakdowns, and Adverse Consequences for People with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury

2011 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Honorable Mention Papers:
  • Brian Leung and Tom Chau
    Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
    University of Toronto
    Character Stroke-Based Text Entry for a Child with Cerebral Palsy and Low Vision
  • Elaine Lu, Rosalie Wang, Jennifer Boger, Debbie Hebert, and Alex Mihailidis
    Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
    University of Toronto & Toronto Rehab Institute
    Development of a Rehabilitation Robot: National Differences in Therapist Practice
  • Pooja Viswanathan, Parnian Alimi, James Little, Alan Mackworth, and Alex Mihailidis
    University of British Columbia & University of Toronto
    Navigation Assistance for Intelligent Wheelchairs
Winning Papers:
  • Larry R. Crichlow, Geoff R. Fernie, Jennifer L. Campos, and Peter R. Grant
    iDAPT, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
    University of Toronto
    A Full Motion Manual Wheelchair Simulator for Rehabilitation Research
  • Shivayogi Hiremath and Dan Ding
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories
    University of Pittsburgh
    Predicting Energy Expenditure of Manual Wheelchair Users Using a Wearable Device
  • Tuck-Voon How, MASc; Rosalie Wang, PhD; and Alex Mihailidis, PhD, PEng
    Intelligent Assistive Technology and Systems Lab
    University of Toronto
    Clinical Evaluation of the Intelligent Wheelchair System
  • Maria Toro, Alicia Koontz, and Rory Cooper
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories
    University of Pittsburgh
    The Impact of Transfer Setup on the Performance of Independent Transfers: Preliminary Results
  • Charles Vukotich, BME; Mary Jo Geyer, PT, PhD; and Frank Erdeljac, CPO
    School of Engineering & School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
    University of Pittsburgh
    Use of a Laser Scanning System to Measure Limb Volume in Chronic Edema

2010 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Honorable Mention Papers:
  • Maria Toro
    University of Pittsburgh
    Independent Wheelchair Transfer: A Systematic Literature Review
  • Adriana Chacon
    University of South Florida
    Evaluation of the RT3 Tri-axial Accelerometer to Measure Physical Activity in Manual Wheelchair Users with Spinal Cord Injury
  • Padmaja Kankipati
    University of Pittsburgh
    Lower Extremity Weight Bearing during Three Lateral Level Wheelchair Transfer
  • Katie Ewing
    University of Michigan - Transportation Research Institute
    Locations and Adjustment Ranges of Shoulder-Belt Upper Anchor Points Needed to Optimize Belt Fit on Wheelchair-Seated Students
  • Hsin-Yi Liu
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories
    University of Pittsburgh
    User Preferences for Animation and Speech Properties: A Survey Study for Developing a Smart Reminder to Facilitate Wheelchair Power Seat Function Usage
Winning Papers:
  • Shivayogi Hiremath
    University of Pittsburgh
    Evaluation of Activity Monitors in Estimating Energy Expenditure in Manual Wheelchair Users
  • Sharon Sonenblum
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Blood Flow & Pressure Changes that Occur with Tilt-in-Space
  • Kevin Toosi
    University of Pittsburgh
    Investigation of Median Nerve Entrapments in Veterans with Major Limb Amputation
  • Yi-Ting Tzen
    University of Pittsburgh
    Effectiveness of Local Fast and Slow Cooling on Pressure Induced Reactive Hyperemia (RH) in Adult Human Participants
  • Marc Nungester
    University of Toledo
    Development of a Collapsible Wheelchair with Detachable Components

2009 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Honorable Mention Paper:
  • Elizabeth Timcho, Jennifer Collinger, and Alicia Koontz
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories
    Michael Turkovich, MS
    University of Pittsburgh
    Effects of Surface and Speed on Biomechanics Variable during Steady-State Wheelchair Propulsion
Winning Papers:
  • Michael Turkovich, MS; Linda van Roosmalen; Doug Hobson; and Erik Porach
    University of Pittsburgh
    Preliminary Assessment of Wheelchair Securement Systems in a Large Accessible Transit Vehicle
  • Hongwu Wang, MS; Benjamin Salatin, BS; Garrett G. Grindle, MS; Dan Ding, PhD; and Rory Cooper, PhD
    University of Pittsburgh and Highland Drive VA Medical Center
    Real-time Slip Detection and Traction Control of Electrical Powered Wheelchairs
  • Eric Brindle, BSE Student; Dany Gagnon; and Alicia Koontz
    University of Pittsburgh
    Is Upper Limb Muscular Demand Different between Wheelchair Transfers from the Preferred Versus Non-Preferred Side?
  • Nahom Beyene, MSEng; Rory Cooper; and Aaron Steinfeld
    University of Pittsburgh
    Driving Status and the Inner Drive for Community Mobility and Participation: A Survey of People with Disabilities and Senior Citizens from Support Groups in New Delhi, India
  • Padmaja Kankipati, MS; Alicia Koontz; Michael Boninger; and Yen Lin
    University of Pittsburgh
    Hand and Shoulder Joint Kinetic Analysis of Three Types of Lateral Wheelchair Transfers

2008 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Honorable Mention Papers:
  • Vishnu Ambur
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Accelerometry-Based Classification of Wheelchair Propulsion Patterns Using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Edvier Cabassa-Miranda
    University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Campus
    Development and Testing of a New Drop-Off Detection System for Powered Wheelchairs
  • Shivayogi Hiremath, BS
    University of Pittsburgh
    Estimating Temporal Parameters of Wheelchair Propulsion Based on Hand Acceleration
  • Sheryll Sison, BS
    University of Louisville
    Wheelchair Ingress/Egress Activities in Large Accessible Transit Vehicles
  • Michael Turkovich
    University of Pittsburgh
    The Effect of Shoulder Position on Pushrim Forces during Overground Manual Wheelchair Propulsion
Winning Papers:
  • Dany Gagnon, PhD, PT
    University of Pittsburgh
    Do Stroke Characteristics Change During a High-Intensity 12-minutes Corridor Wheelchair Propulsion Test in Experienced Manual Wheelchair Users?
  • Padmaja Kankipati, MS
    University of Pittsburgh
    Shoulder Joint Loading for Three Types of Lateral Wheelchair Transfers
  • Amol Karmarkar, MS
    University of Pittsburgh
    Monitoring Wheelchair-Related Physical Activities in Older Adults in Nursing Care Facilities
  • Ana Souza, MS
    University of Pittsburgh
    Impact and Usage of Pushrim Activated Power Assist Wheelchair among Individuals with Tetraplegia
  • Hongwu Wang, MS
    University of Pittsburgh
    Influence of Gripping Moments during Wheelchair Propulsion on Natural Surfaces

2007 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Winning Papers:
  • Sean Bennett
    Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre - Dalhousie University
    Wheelchair Curb-Climbing: Randomized Controlled Comparison of Highly Structured and Conventional Training Methods
  • Erin E. Mishey
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories - University of Pittsburgh
    The GAMECycle Exercise System: Feature Improvement
  • Zdravko Salipur
    Injury Risk Assessment and Prevention (iRAP) Laboratory - University of Louisville
    Wheelchair Tiedown and Occupant Restraint System Loading Associated with an Adult Manual ANSI WC19 Transit Wheelchair with a Seated 50th percentile ATD Exposed to Rear Impact
  • Brooke A. Slavens
    Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering Center - Marquette University
    Dynamic Model of the Upper Extremities for Rehabilitation Analysis of Crutch-Assisted Gait in Children with Myelomeningocele
  • Michelle L. Sporner
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories - University of Pittsburgh
    Psychosocial Impact for Individuals with Disabilities: Do Service Dogs Help?

2005 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Winning Papers:
  • David Algood, MS
    Human Engineering Laboratory
    Effect of a Pushrim Activated Power Assist Wheelchair on the Functional Capabilities of Individuals with Tetraplegia
  • Fabrisia Ambrosio, MPT, MS
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories
    A Model-Based Criterion for Assessing Appropriateness of Wheelchair Setup
  • Gina Ord, OTS
    Colorado State University
    Website Usability: Evaluation to Accommodate the Needs of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Yusheng Yang, MA
    Human Engineering Laboratory
    Influence of Gripping Moments on Mechanical Efficiency of Wheelchair Propulsion
  • Emily Zipfel, BFA
    Human Engineering Laboratory
    Design and Development of a Manual Wheelchair for India

2004 - Sponsored by The Paralyzed Veterans of America

Winning Papers:
  • Krista L. Best, MSc
    Efficacy of the Wheelchair Skills Training Program for Community-Based Manual Wheelchair Users
  • Jong Bae Kim, BA
    A Virtual Reality Telerehabilitation System for Analyzing Accessibility of the Built Environment: A Feasibility Test
  • Jennifer L. Mercer, BSE
    Effect of Weight on Wheelchair Propulsion over Various Surfaces
  • Katherine Ashley Rotko
    Injury to Wheelchair Users as a Result of Loading and Unloading from a Motor Vehicle
  • Yusheng Yang, MA
    Start-Up Propulsion Biomechanics Using a Prototype Ergonomic Pushrim