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Student Design Competition Awards

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2013 - Sponsored by The National Science Foundation and The Center for the Translation of Rehabilitation Engineering Advances and Technology (TREAT)

  • Stratton Haywood, Sanjog KC, Keshab Sapkota, Daniel Bankard
    Louisiana Tech University
    Flex Array
  • Jane Hankins, Jennifer Black, Roxanne Chandler, Jef Westendorf, Raven Vilardo, Brisi Favela, Jeannine Blankenship, Jessica Lopez
    California Lutheran University
    Doodle Bug
  • Ed Gillman, Amy Clancy, Ann Marie Gelle, Teresa Nguyen
    Loyola Marymount University
    iDEA - iPad Dexterity Enhancement Apparatus
  • Simon Wilson, Kate Jackson
    Coventry University
    Dementia Organisation Care
  • Christian Bremer, Erik Ohlson
    Chalmers University of Technology
    Walter - A Wheelchair with an Alternating Center of Gravity Designed for Developing Countries
  • Ethan Leng, Mihir Mongia, Charles Park, Tifany Varughese, Andrew Wu
    Rice University
    SMART Belt: A Lowcost Seizure Detection Device

2012 - Sponsored by The National Science Foundation

  • Jayne Gavrity, Cassandra Gorman, Simon Kim, Caitlin O’Connell
    University of Rochester
    Adjustable Mechanism for the Transfer to Adaptive Cycles
  • Cheng-Yen Chen, William Chyan, Zhiwei Tay, Jarey Wang
    Duke University
    Kayak Transporter
  • Linda Ye, Jennifer Chien, Bill Lee, David Yudovich
    Duke University
    Seed Planting Assistive Device Entourage
  • Salma Mahmoud, Sidra Khan, Jane Kambugu, Kamran Mohammadi, Farideh Madani
    George Mason University
    Semi-Automatic Feeding Device for Wheelchair Users
  • Brianna Abbey, Anahita Alipour, Christopher Camp, Crystal Hofer
    University of Alberta
    The Smart Pill Box
  • Jane Hankins, Jennifer Black, Jeannine Blankinship, Raven Vilardo, Julieth Leon, Jessica Lopez, Brisi Favela, Tammy Thomsen, Roxanne Sharkey, Jeff Westendorf
    California Lutheran University
    Cane and Able
  • Pnina Cohen, Ana Talag, Sorin Uta
    University of Toronto
    MedEase: Facilitating the Occupation of Opening Medicine Bottles
  • Travis Block, David Narrow, Dominic Marino , Sara Hutchinson, Martin Szeto
    University of Rochester
    MonoMano Cycling Control System
  • Ruslan Popovych, Marc Carroll, Jay Park
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Side by Side Skill Trainer with Video Feedback
  • Seong-Hee Yoon, Lina Carballo, Quetrell Heyward
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2011 - Sponsored by The National Science Foundation

Final Round Competitors:
  • Elaine Lu and Julie Chan
    Queens University
    The “Hummer”: A Vocal Cord Vibration Switch
  • Sam Fok, Raphael Schwartz, Mark Wronkiewicz, Charles Holmes, Jessica Zhang, Nathan Brodell, and Thane Somers
    Washington University, St. Louis
    IpsiHand: Direct Recoupling of Intention and Movement
  • Rachel Belzer, Kristine Brown, Brendan Moore, and Al Samost
    Duke University
    Rockstar Guitar Stand
  • Dan Evans, Matt Last, Matt Rozema, and Rob VanderVennen
    Calvin College
    Achieving Mobility
Top Five Winners:
  • Swapna Kumar, Jacy Bulaon, and Frances Bell
    University of Rochester
    Postoperative Bracing Solutions
  • Drew Berger, Matt Jones, and Michelle Pyle
    Rice The Equiliberator - A Recreational Approach to Balance TherapyUniversity
  • Brennon Cucullu, Rae Henson, Katie Simmons, and Chris Garcia
    Louisiana Tech
    Team Electric Slide: Electrical Outlet Assistive Device
  • Jeffrey Turner and William Emfinger
    Vanderbilt University
    The PushTracker: An Activity Monitor for Manual Wheelchair Users
  • Michael Chao, Ian King, Esther Lee, and Shengnan Xiang
    Duke University
    EasyShrink Heat Gun Safety Device

2010 - Sponsored by The National Science Foundation

  • Melissa Hyland, Shu-Hyun Jang Andrea Shin, and Nancy van Loenen
    University of Toronto
    William de Wit
    University of Guelph
    Enabling Independence in Reading with the Manual Page Turning Facilitative Device
  • Ian Gong, Jing Guo, Michael Kotecki, and David Tainter
    Biomedical Engineering, Duke University
    Universally Accessible Contact Cement Applicator
  • Andrea Salus, Ibrahim Bengali, Stephen Formosa, and Andrew Greisemer
    Northwestern University
    Wolverine System: A Stabilization System for Ataxic Hands
  • Nathan Armstrong, Matt Carlson, Nathan I;, Sunho Baik, Kenneth Roggow, Fred Tsai, and Jared Van Dam
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Investigating and Designing Alternative Solutions for Powered Wheelchair Systems
  • Cheng-Shiu Chung, Jui-Te Lin, Maria L. Toro, Nahom M. Beyene, and Yasmin Garcia
    University of Pittsburgh
    Uniform Throwing Chair for Seating Throwing Sporting Events

2009 - Sponsored by The National Science Foundation

Final Round Competitors:
  • Alexandra Jefferds and L. Nick Ross
    University of Pittsburgh
    An On-the-Fly Adjustable Crutch
  • Shalini A.M. D’Souza, So Yeon Ahn, and Amanda Bernsohn
    New York University
    Development of a Reverse Gravity Leg Bag Emptier
  • Bo Xiao and Kevin D’Auria
    University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Locker Assistant Device
  • Amos Winter, Mario Bollini, Danielle DeLatte, Harrison O’Hanley, and Natasha Scolnik
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The Leveraged Freedom Chair: A Wheelchair Designed for Developing Countries
  • Brian Harvey, Joseph Gibbs, Ryan Keitzer, and Dan O’Toole
    Carnegie Mellon University - Human Engineer Research Laboratories
    Design of a Novel Rugby Wheelchair Using Large Diameter Thin Wall Tubing
Top Five Winners:
  • Shuai Xu, Jennifer D. Cieluch, Caterina C. Kaffes, Matthew D. Miller, and Neel A. Shah
    Rice University
    Construction and Development of a Novel Device to Measure the Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand
  • Stephanie Tupi, Winston Lynk, and Megan Toney
    Duke University
    A Pivoting Crank Arm for Riders with Limited Left Knee Flexion
  • Garet Gamache, Joey Pitzo, Brian Talbot, Eric Zettergren, Jodi Abramowitz, Katelyn Bergeron, Sarah Martyn, and Kathleen Masters
    Northeastern University
    Interdisciplinary, Consumer-Engaged R&D: Power Wheelchair Foot-Operated Controller
  • Frances Low
    University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Custom Tricycle Brake System
  • Jonathan Jowers
    Georgia Tech - CATEA
    User-Centered Development of a Braking System for Manual Wheelchairs

2008 - Sponsored by The National Science Foundation

Final Round Competitors:
  • Jennifer Hadley, Jonathan Steer, and Kristi Tanouye
    Washington University in St. Louis - Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Integrated Functional Electrical Stimulation - Ankle Foot Orthosis Training System
  • Swarna Solanki and Omar Awan
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Karaoke Trainer
  • David Zilber and Elliot Greenwald
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Trace-Aid: A Device to Improve Fine Motor Control among Children with Autism
  • Paul van Geffen and Jasper Reenatda
    University of Twente - Department of Engineering Technology - Laboratory of Biomechanical Engineering
    DYNASIT: An Assistive Seating System that Controls Sitting Posture and Regulates Body Load Associated with Sitting Related Mobility Problems
  • Roseanne Warren, Nydia Cardenas, Whitney King, and Obinna Emenike
    Stanford University - Department of Mechanical Engineering
    The iGait: Providing Motivational Feedback for Gait Improvement
Top Five Winners:
  • Mario Boffini
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Department of Mechanical Engineering
    The Figure-Eight Drive: A Two-Speed Drivetrain for Handcycles in the Developing World
  • Gregory Briggs, Joshua Gelser, Drew Hackney, Scott Miller, Joshua Petrel, William Van Dyke, and Richard Young
    Cedarville University - Engineering Department
    The CU Walker: A Walker Trainer for Transitioning to Independent Walking
  • Eileen Hayden, Ross Budacki, Kim Kontson, Melissa Ong, Andrew Richart, and Amanda Scott
    The Pennsylvania State University - Department of Bioengineering
    Diabetes Management for the Disabled: Assistive Device for Patients with One Functioning Arm
  • Matthew Heidt, Tim Ponshock, Chris Esser, and Robert Bradford
    University of Wisconsin - Madison - Mechanical Engineering
    Cradle to Grave Design of a Sip Actuated Leg Bag Valve
  • Andy Huang, John Perkins, and Alyx Rosen
    Duke University - Biomedical Engineering
    Shoe Helper

2005 - Sponsored by National Science Foundation & Permobil AG

  • Randal Cole
    UNC Chapel Hill
    Talking Dots Braille Trainer
  • Beth Ann Kaminski, BSE
    Human Engineering Research Laboratories
    Adaptation of a Baby Seat for Attachment to a Wheelchair
  • Paul Lisi
    Duke University
    The Lifting Assist for a Powered Wheelchair
  • Irene Tseng
    Duke University
    Shoulder-Steered Tricycle
  • John Wisecup
    University of Texas
    Design of Assistive Technology Device to Support Playing of Percussion Instrument

2004 - Sponsored by National Science Foundation & Permobil AG

  • Ken Bradley and Sirin Yaemsini
    Audible Counter for People with Cognitive and Physical Disabilities
  • Clint Cope and Walter Hargrove
    Stair Assistant - A New Approach to Upward Mobility
  • Clayton Elswirth, Megan Hanson, and Sean Huffman
    Paper Management System
  • Daniel Southham, Michael Scott, and Brian Goldberg
    Rotational Workstation for a Boy with Tar Syndrome
  • Terris Yakimovich
    Terris Yakimovich

2002 - Sponsored by Independence Technology

  • Clark O’Niell and Graeme Waitzkin
    Duke University
    Custom Walker with Rotational Hip Support
  • Andrew Anderson, Melissa Brown, Matthew Klinkman, and Rose Reimer
    Michigan Tech University
    Development and Evaluation of a Thoracic Pressure Chair for a Student with Autism
  • Dan Cooney and Brian Rucker
    University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    Infant Patting Device
  • Praveen Bhagavathula, Anshuman Cherala, Dhruv Gajaria, Sameer Kotasthane, Aparajit Pratap, and Adi Sujanto
    University of Texas - Austin
    An Assistive Bowling Device for Persons with Disabilities
  • Adriana Acevedo, Jayr Fuentes, Jeff Gensler, Chintamani Karyekar, Gulisi Sule, and Marvin Wolgast
    University of Texas - Austin
    Magic Timer: A Multi-Sensory Assistive Innovation
2002 Awards Presentation